German-born, international citizen. System thinker, creative problem-solver and award-winning renaissance woman with a “tech, business, design & science mindset”.

13+ years of international experience in business strategy, technology innovation, sustainability, ESG/SDG, investing and strategic partnerships. Advisor to senior managers of internationally operating organizations. Industry advisor to investment companies. Advisory Board Member at technology startups. Founder of JUST DAMN RIGHT, a platform for sustainability-led culture and an international strategy consultancy. Founder of the independent She For Social Impact Awards. Member of the Federal German Association for Artificial Intelligence.

Nadine Bruder’s career began in 2008 when her first strategy work turned Steve Jobs into a fan of her client’s product, and when she turned MAN Trucks & Bus into the first company that publicly acted upon smart cities, energy-efficient transportation and autonomous driving as we know it today.

Effortlessly integrating foresight, market developments, new technologies, product, business, marketing and brand experience, she quickly caught the attention of senior business leaders from internationally operating organizations and has proven to be a catalytic force for growth and innovation. From e.g. strategically informing the development and design of advanced mobile payments solutions, to developing corporate innovation programs, creating and launching product and services as well as designing and executing market entry strategies for foreign companies, to personally advising senior executives and board members on digital transformation, new value creation and purpose-led leadership.

She since gained deep insights in the digital, lifestyle, IT and fintech industries, working internationally and directly with investors, board members and senior executives at the likes of Kickstarter, Katjesgreenfood, Ford, Wirecard, Swisscom, Fujitsu, Vodafone, Henkel, B-Reel and Pharmos Natural Cosmetics.

After having set up Germany’s first innovative IT-bootcamp education company in order to address the talent shortage and the gender gap in STEM in 2015, she additionally immersed herself in the United Nations global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), sustainability innovations and impact investing.

In 2018 she has set up her international impact-led platform JUST DAMN RIGHT. Two years after in 2020, she has launched the independent, not-for-profit She For Social Impact Awards, which honor women from different walks of life and different countries for their impact-led work and innovative solutions that challenge the status quo and create a sustainable future already today.

Today, Nadine Bruder is an integrative force for advanced sustainability strategies, business innovation, culture and impact-led investments, pushing boundaries between professions, industries and continents. She believes that sustainability is the greatest opportunity for societies and will become the new defining criteria by which the success of any brand and leader will be measured.

She most recently introduced her carefully designed professional development training to empower individuals and organizations to confidently navigate the next economic shift: sustainability and societal impact.

Metaphorically speaking: Nadine is like a secret weapon.

Jascha SteinFounder & CEO, Omnibot

I finally feel empowered to take CSR to another, real strategic level in my company.

Senior CSR ManagerConsumer Goods Company

Nadine is clearly ahead of her time and an inspiring leader.

Stefan GroschupfFounder and Board Member of Datameer, Founder and CEO of Automationhero

Nadine taught me a truly new perspective about the value that I can create through my work.

Senior Manager Sustainable Finance

What amazes me the most is Nadine’s ever humility and gentleness that always makes the team feel comfortable, inspired and motivated.

Pebbles LinLearning Design Director at NUNC

In only three months we have achieved with Nadine the things that we have been trying to achieve with several consultancies for the past eight years.

CEOIT Consulting Company


  • Final diploma/master thesis on “Brand Hacking”, A+
  • Her first strategy work in 2008 turned Steve Jobs into a fan of her client’s product
  • Advising on purpose-led business management already in 2008, Nadine Bruder turned MAN Trucks & Bus into the first company that publicly acted upon smart and green cities, energy-efficient transportation and autonomous driving as we adapt to only today
  • Her first mobile app strategy work in 2013 has been awarded “Best App of the Year” by The Next Web
  • In 2016 she successfully set up Germany’s first innovative IT-education company to address the talent shortage and gender gap in STEM
  • Advised on and lead a startup award in China in 2019 through which VISA was able to connect with an ecosystem of Chinese innovators; evaluated all Chinese startups that applied (fintech, AI, retail/commerce)
  • In 2020, she set up the first independent, global awards that honors women from different walks of life and countries who address the world’s most pressing issues with advanced solutions
  • Awarded in total with 11 renowned industry prizes

Speaking Requests

Nadine Bruder has spoken at panels and conferences in Europe, Asia and in Northern America. She talks about:

  • Next Economic Shift: Sustainability & Societal Impact
  • Sustainable Finance & Investing
  • Purpose = Success

Personal Things

  • Never without music and film – I always wanted to become a music video producer
  • Good and fast at analyzing systems, but bad at remembering names and at learning languages
  • If I curated a British afternoon tea party, I’d invite Albert Einstein, Prince, David Bowie, Bill Murray, Adolf Loos, Trevor Noah and Hildegard von Bingen
  • Beauty lies in everything – one just need to change perspective to see it
  • Understand where and why money flows to, and a lot of your questions in life will be answered
  • Success measures by the amount of people who I have been able to empower to change things for the better
  • Well-educated and self-motivated people are the most valuable asset an organization and a country can have. I believe education and transparency are the key to overcoming the severe political and economic problems which societies around the globe have been dealing with for decades now.