You seek positive impact and a sustainable future?

Then we’ve got a lot in common, you and I. We are explorers, guardians and innovators seeking something purposeful, bigger and more valuable for our societies to thrive upon. My life and my work have been driven by this search for responsible progress.

Me In a Nutshell

Award-Winning Strategist, Educator, ESG/SDG Advocate, and a Renaissance Woman With a “Art & Science Mindset”.

My Mission

I believe that individuals inherently seek to contribute to meaningful solutions, responsible organizations and sustainable ways of living. I also believe that economies that put people and planet first are possible, lucrative and hold exciting opportunities for societies that we cannot imagine yet. That said, my mission is two-fold:

On the one hand, I help individuals to live up to their potentials and to invest into sustainability-led solutions that benefit them and the collective good. On the other hand, I collaborate with forward-thinking leaders and innovators on advanced solutions and sustainability-led ventures that create positive impact.

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For Sustainability-minded Individuals

#WealthLifeImpact Leap

Ready to Align Your Desire to Support a Sustainable Future With Your Work-Life or Even Your Personal Financial Planning?

#WealthLifeImpact Leap is a transformational online-program to help you confidently increase positive impact and sustainable wealth – starting with where you are at right now. Nourish your drive for meaning and feel more joyful by being empowered on all three levels: work-life, impact and wealth.

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For Everyone Seeking to Thrive

The Claim Your Value Guide

“The guide has opened my eyes to the fact that I am wasting time and energy instead of working on my goals. Now I’m back on the right track!”

– Anabel, Senior Digital Project Manager

You have more to offer than you are aware of! My 32-page action-based guide and audio recordings help you to uncover, articulate and claim your individual treasure vault that adds unique value to people as well as in your job and career. Tap into your power from a place of confidence.

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What People Say

Nadine is clearly ahead of her time and an inspiring leader.

Stefan GroschupfFounder and Board Member of Datameer, Founder and CEO of Automationhero

"You are a hero! You really help because your attitude is so simple and clear. If you come to London please look me up. I owe you a lot!"


Metaphorically speaking: Nadine is like a secret asset to any business.

Jascha SteinFounder & CEO, Omnibot

She is a definite asset. Her presence and leadership would always make any mediocre projects inevitable to excellency.

Pebbles LinLearning Design Director at NUNC

JUST DAMN RIGHT embodies an attitude and is the hybrid platform which I’ve founded, focused on sustainability-led ventures and investing, education and culture. It is backed by an international network of exceptional entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, creatives, scientists and lawyers who shape the future.

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