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Join values-based business executives and professionals who exceeded their goals in work-life by leveraging impactful opportunities and ecosystem connections that used to be blind spots for them.

I’m Nadine Bruder

I’m an award-winning design and business strategist who breathes “arts & science”, a sustainability advocate, and educator. For instance, I conceptualized a digital service that made its CEO go: “How could you foresee the future at Google?” I created exclusive partnerships for clients that exceeded their goals. And I took businesses to the next level by leveraging digital innovations, sustainability, and strategic marketing initiatives – always focussing on purpose and culture.

In 2016 I strategized and launched Germany’s first disruptive IT-training company to help people start a new career in technology. 80% of students get hired after graduation. That experience added much to my trajectory.

Today, I help bold decision makers, innovators, and individuals alike to harness their full potential to progress and impact through their brands or in their work // life.

Two Ways to Start Our Connection

For Organizations

Leapfrog with your organization by having a compelling vision, connections built creatively, and strategic solutions to success and progress.

Let me know your goals, and I’ll help you achieve them.

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For Individuals

Thriving in an AI-driven economy and building your work-related brand can feel intimidating. To help you create the work // life that feels aligned with YOU, I offer limited 1:1 coaching sessions to support with clarity, proven tools, insights, and loads of inspiration.

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“Metaphorically speaking: Nadine is like a secret asset to any decision maker and business.”

– Jascha Stein
Serial Tech Entrepreneur & Advisory Member to WEF