You seek positive impact and a sustainable future?

Then we’ve got a lot in common, you and I. We are explorers, guardians and innovators seeking something purposeful, bigger and more valuable for our societies to thrive upon. My life and my work have been driven by this search for responsible progress.

Me In a Nutshell

I’m a 12x Award-Winning Strategist, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Educator, SDG Advocate, and a Renaissance Woman With a “Science & Art Mindset”.

My first strategy work in 2007 was destined to turn Steve Jobs into a fan of my client’s product. A year later, I advised MAN Truck & Bus and turned the brand into the first international company that publicly introduced smart city living, electric cars and energy-efficient transportation as we start to implement only today. Drawing from a unique upbringing in Germany’s Western and former socialist part, “purpose – positive impact – #StakeholderCapitalism” are at the heart of what I do professionally.

After 12+ years of advising and educating executive managers from the financial, investment, technology and lifestyle industries across the world on how to harness innovations and sustainability and how impact-led leadership increases sustainable wealth, I decided in 2019 to turn pages and set up JUST DAMN RIGHT. It’s a hybrid platform spanning solutions at the intersection of sustainability-led investing, culture and education. I also personally empower individuals and professionals through a range of educational formats.

My Mission

I believe that individuals inherently seek to contribute to meaningful solutions, organizations and sustainable ways of living. I also believe that economies that put people and planet first are possible, lucrative and hold exciting opportunities for societies that we cannot imagine yet. That said, my mission is two-fold:

On the one hand, I help individuals through personal, entrepreneurial and financial empowerment so that they are able to create and invest into sustainability-led solutions for societies. On the other hand, I collaborate with forward-thinking leaders and innovators on advanced solutions and sustainability-led ventures.

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For Sustainability-minded Individuals

#WealthLifeImpact Leap

Do you want your money to work for you and for a sustainable future? Together with my team at JUST DAMN RIGHT and supported by innovators from its network I’ve designed #WealthLifeImpact Leap. It’s an 8-week premium online program and coaching for professionals who are serious about going from missed opportunities to value-based investing and wealth building like a pro – so they can live the life they seek, enjoy financial wellness when retired, and use new opportunities to invest in solutions with positive impact.

For Professionals

Work <> Positive Impact Coaching

What if your work-life included more positive impact and sustainability faster than you can imagine? Write the next chapter of your career with me as your sounding board and mentor in my one-on-one “Work <> Positive Impact Power Coaching”.

To get to the heart of your seeking and make the most of our time together, we’ll chat face-to-face on Zoom calls, and record it so you can refer back to them. In-between sessions, you’ll receive valuable tools and exercises as well as inspiration and industry insights from me. At the end of this power coaching, you’ll have a clear vision, your individual roadmap and action steps to move forward with the goals we discussed.

My coaching availabilities are limited and booked quickly. Get yours today and I can make sure we start with your transformative journey as soon as possible.

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What People Say

Nadine is clearly ahead of her time and an inspiring leader.

Stefan GroschupfFounder and Board Member of Datameer, Founder and CEO of Automationhero

Metaphorically speaking: Nadine is like a secret asset to any business.

Jascha SteinFounder & CEO, Omnibot

Her intricate sense and sharp foresight of identifying business opportunities, potential products and brands make her stand on the frontline of all things digital and innovative.

Head of Innovation, international Financial Service Company

In only three months we have achieved with Nadine the things that we have been trying to achieve with several consultancies for the past eight years.

CEOIT Consulting Company

She is a definite asset. Her presence and leadership would always make any mediocre projects inevitable to excellency.

Pebbles LinLearning Design Director at NUNC

I finally feel empowered to take CSR to another, real strategic level in my company.

Senior CSR ManagerConsumer Goods Company
For Everyone

The Claim Your Value Guide

You have more to offer than you are aware of! My 32-page guide to claiming your individual value with a feeling of confidence and negotiating what you deserve to help you to harness your potentials for the live and career you seek. Get actionable advice, powerful tools, step-by-step worksheets and listen to audio recordings.

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Executive Advisory

For Forward-thinking Executives and Investors

Strategy & Sustainability

If I feel there’s a fit, I help forward-thinking executives, heads of organization and investors who seek my decade plus of hands-on and international experience. At critical moments for active problem solving I offer collaboration with my team and international network at JUST DAMN RIGHT.

Please note: My advisory availabilities for executives and investors are limited.