Hi! I’m Nadine.

For 16+ years I’ve been catalyzing progress, connection and impact for values-based leaders and brands. I’m a multiple award-winning design and business strategist, conceptual creative, sustainability advocate, entrepreneur, and educator. Everything I do is rooted in the joy for life’s magic, intention and empowerment of people.

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My Work-Life

Ways to Engage With Me

I spend most of my time with She For Social Impact – the high-impact work-life support system for female professionals that I set up to help women to turn what they value into what fuels their work-life. I also consult executive managers on sustainable progress and create ventures with like-minded people through Just Damn Right.

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For Female Professionals Only

“Positioning For Impact”
Online Training June 23 – 24, 2023

Every woman has something uniquely valuable to share that can make a difference for a team or in somebody else’s life. And people need to recognize it! In this online training we’re going to create the foundation for you to impact and have the work-life that feels 100% YOU.

If you’re able to communicate your work-life-related personality and what you bring to the table, including your super power and impact, in a simple yet relational way – that is already quite something. If you also have a roadmap to build your brand and supportive ecosystem, you’ll experience a small miracle by how much you can move. So, join me and let’s level up in this training!

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“Metaphorically speaking: Nadine is like a secret asset to any business.”

– Jascha Stein
Serial Tech Entrepreneur & Advisory Member to World Economic Forum

For Executive Managers

Adapt to a Circular Economy

My team of domain experts with Just Damn Right and I embed companies into sustainability and innovation, and create opportunities for them to become leaders in their industry.

We support bold decision makers, senior executives and founders who want to work directly with sustainability practitioners and innovators throughout their transition. Their goal is to weave ESG/SDG into their strategy and to harness innovation and sustainability solutions. In addition, they seek an engaged workforce and to improve brand equity.

From moderating the internal transition for teams to helping establish a new business ecosystem and designing engagement strategies for stakeholders – you’ll be in good company!

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She For Social Impact

An Upgrade to Work-Life Starts at Le Club

Want to turn challenges into opportunities for personal growth and to create a meaningful work-life from the heart? Let’s meet at Le Club, the private community and value-add services of She For Social Impact!

It’s home to experienced female professionals and entrepreneurs who are serious about engaging in their work-life shift or upgrade and amplify their efforts, while being invested in sustainability and having the comfort to experience joy for life with allies.

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