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Then we share a lot in common. I create transformational experiences for individuals and sustainability-led growth opportunities for brands. On both levels fostering the creation of regenerative economies that put people and planet first.

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I’m a multiple award-winning strategist, conceptual creative, sustainability advocate, entrepreneur, and educator. Everything I do is rooted in

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As entrepreneur and all-rounder, I know that sometimes it would just feel extremely helpful to have a sparring partner on eye-level. One who understands business and the loneliness at the top. Someone who is honest and empowering.

Having a track record in 1:1 CEO advisory as well as hands-on experience in strategy, brand, digital operations, innovation, and sustainability across different industries, I quickly see through challenges and offer advise or refine opportunities.

If you’re in charge of a lifestyle or technology company just request a free 20 minutes introduction call. During that call we’ll discuss your goals and find out if we are a good match.

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“Metaphorically speaking: Nadine is like a secret asset to any business.”

– Jascha Stein
Serial Tech Entrepreneur & Advisory Member to WEF

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I also included some of my hard-earned learnings over the past 1.5+ decades; a checklist you can use right away; and links to my favorite books for more context.

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