One-on-One Executive Advisory

I help forward-thinking executives, entrepreneurs and investors to increase sustainable value.

Let’s Turn Challenges Into Success

Vision – Strategy

Develop a clear, desirable vision about future success and reverse engineer that vision into strategic opportunities and actionable steps across the organization

Partnerships – Investments

Seek partnerships for growth, benefit from strategic investments, expand ecosystems worldwide, and tap into new talent networks

Value Creation – Business Opportunities

Stay relevant with new technologies, innovative business models and sustainability-led innovations

What are your challenges?

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What People Say About Me

Metaphorically speaking: Nadine is like a secret asset to any business.

Jascha SteinSerial Tech Founder & Advisory Member to WEF

In only three months working with Nadine we have achieved the things that we have been trying to accomplish with several consultancies for the past eight years.

CEOEuropean IT-Service Provider

Nadine is clearly ahead of the time and an inspiring leader.

Stefan GroschupfSerial Tech Founder & Board Member

A Lean Yet Refined Approach to Help You Thrive

Based on my first-hand experiences of successfully leveraging strategic insights, technology disruptions, network effects and behavioral science since 2007, I have designed a lean and result-driven advisory format that blends generating sustainable business value with personalized learnings.

In alignment with your individual situation, my advisory will include strategic initiatives and planning, creative problem-solving, ecosystem development, partnerships and customized experiential learnings at distant places. Learning experiences at distant places will be available in 2021 when regular travel will be possible again.

The Setup

During a first meeting we will clarify your goals and availabilities, and we will go on to define topics and activities for which I provide guidance and support.

After this initial step, I will create a refined yet lean roadmap and setup to best support you in your daily work. We would meet regularly via phone, video call or in person to work towards milestones and the overall goals. Depending on defined activities and support by me, those meetings vary in length and depth. In between those meetings we’d sync via email or other apps such as Slack.

I usually advise individuals for a minimum of 12 months to ensure quality results. That means I listen and speak the truth, I challenge the status quo and spark new approaches worth exploring.

And at critical moments for active problem solving, service development or partnerships I offer access to my international network of industry experts and experienced doers. I’m well connected across the technology (software), design, lifestyle, financial and investment industries.

You can optionally add customized learning experiences in Berlin, Paris, Rome, New York or in Tokyo, which are 3-5 days.

Unique Experiential Learning

What’s special about my exclusive advisory format is the option for customized, unique learning experiences, which are available in Berlin, Paris, Rome, New York and Tokyo. Learning experiences are a curated program in those cities that inspires and challenges in a way that has been neglected for too long in management education and everyday business practice. Access to exclusive places, hidden local gems and to different experts/ communities in these cities is also possible.

These learning experiences will be available after pandemic lockdowns in 2021 when travel will be regular again.

My Advisory Is Right For You When:

Senior Leaders / Innovators

  • You’re a member of the executive/ senior management team at a lifestyle, tech or financial organization in EU, Northern America, Southeast Asia
  • You lead a significant line of business and has a high level of influence
  • You founded/ co-founded a startup which is now in early or growth stage

Motivation/ Availability

  • You truly seek to generate new and sustainable business value
  • You seek to benefit from investments opportunities (digital / sustainable)
  • You want to expand into networks to help you thrive
  • You want to broaden your innovation and #leadership2020+ skills
  • You are able to attend regular meetings virtual or in person
  • You have the time to invest in yourself with bite-sized content (approx. 2 hours a week)
  • If you opted for the add-on – you are able to travel to attend in-person at leaset one 3 day experiential learning session in EU, USA or in Japan


  • You must speak either English or German

About Me

German-born, award-winning strategist, entrepreneur, ESG/SDGs advocate, educator and “Renaissance Woman” with a science & art mindset.

Some say I’m ahead of my time; I see myself as a catalytic force for progress. My career began in 2007 when my first strategy work was destined to turn Steve Jobs into a fan of my client’s product.

Over the years of international work I have successfully helped innovators from the technology, lifestyle and financial industries as well as senior leaders of Fortune 500 companies and investors to

  • to be at the forefront of their industries
  • to secure millions in revenue
  • to setup new companies from scratch
  • to sign valuable partnerships and investments
  • to enter new markets
  • to lead with a strong vision and foresight.

Read more about me here.

But what’s more important to me is that I observed that people also re-connected with their inherent uniqueness while working with me.

I understood from feedback that the value I create for others lies in the combination of my uncanny analytical, creative and empathetic gifts.

What gets me up each day is my drive to empower forward-thinking individuals to create the new generation of leaders that successfully shape our digital and sustainability-led world in meaningful ways.

What I Believe In

  • In a volatile world, your competitor today can be your ally tomorrow
  • Holistic sustainability (ESG/SDG) will be the defining measurement for success of any leader and brand
  • Strategic thinking, system design and creative problem-solving are key future leadership skills
  • True power means compassion
  • Diverse teams, loosely collaborating, are more successful than one-dimensional, fixed ones, specifically in crisis situations
  • Future challenges can’t be solved with approaches from the past 40 years

I experienced in the past that agencies and consultancies were never invested in my business challenges; they charged for talking only. Working with Nadine felt like having a real business partner whose invested, insightful and on eye level.

CEOConsumer Health Service

Her intricate sense and sharp foresight to identify business opportunities, potential products and brands make her stand on the frontline of all things digital and innovative.

Head of Innovationinternational Consumer Goods Company

What Are Your Challenges?

I only work with a very limited number of executives and innovators in this advisory setup; usually minimum 12 months. If this resonates with you, please reach out to me to arrange a free 30 min. call in which we discuss your current situation and your goals. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.