Your Purpose. Your Impact.

You’ve landed here because you’re seeking bliss in your work-life again, and a way to create positive impact aligned with your authentic self. Let’s turn your intentions into meaningful purpose and actions with this coaching.

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Hello – Is This You?

You want to align your values in your work-life and experience bliss. You seek that passion that lights up your heart, that feeling of meaning and impact that makes your eyes smile. Because, you might have gotten to a point in your work or life where things feel strangely odd and you left empty. Or because, you have had an eye-opening experience, and now you love to turn your new values into something that is servicing others or the planet – but you don’t know what, how or where to start.

Years ago, a life-changing experience forced me to be brutally honest with myself, resulting in a transformational realignment of my work-life based on my values. Since then, things started to fall into place, and I couldn’t be happier. Said that, let me light up the spark that sets you in motion. Because, all I wish for you is a fulfilled work-life, feeling empowered to act from a place of authenticity, purpose and joy for life.

Coaching Offerings

Where You’re At & Where You Like to Go?

My coaching offerings are live 1:1 sessions – either in-person meetings or via digital channels.

Your WHY & Path to Impact

Before you can start living a purpose-led and authentic work-life, it’s essential that you find your WHY, respectively purpose, and path to impact. Only then you understand and feel more deeply HOW and what you’re going to create or do next.

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2.5-Day Coaching

This is an exclusive coaching! Spend 2.5 days away from your daily routine for fresh perspectives, and work with me intensively on your WHY and path to impact. Curated tools and customized experiences will help accelerate your effort.

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Execute Your Impact  

You know already your WHY and the direction of your impact path. Now you need someone who coaches you to adopt a 10x impact mindset and valuable tools to prepare for Launch. I’m by your side and hold you accountable.

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Award Winner 

Since 2007 my on-purpose business and leadership strategy advisory enhanced clients’ performance, market relevance and brand equity

Sustainability Practitioner

Activities and network span technology enhanced innovations, ESG/ SDG, circular economy, science, investing, creative marketing

Instantaneous Insights

In coaching and business I’m able to easily identify solutions to challenges and innate treasures worth nurturing and growing.

Purpose-led Leadership

Since I can remember I’m asking “WHY” and “HOW” – that’s how I engage with the world. Consequently, I applied that lens into my work. And in 2007, those questions that fuel “purpose” and “progress” led to Steve Jobs becoming a fan of my first advisory client ever.

What followed is a +15-year career during which I’ve had the privilege to directly advise CEOs and executive managers from the technology, lifestyle and financial industries across the world, and my work being awarded multiple times.

I created brands, services and took businesses to the next level by harnessing digital innovations, sustainability, purpose-driven leadership and strategic growth initiatives – always asking for purpose and progress with “WHY” and “HOW”.

Simultaneously, I would observe how executives and professionals felt triggered to find more personal meaning in what they were doing professionally or an awakened bliss in their work-life.

In 2016, when I was setting up Germany’s first disruptive IT education company, I myself felt the urge to recalibrate for more of that meaningful feeling that I received from helping others to build a new career and life for themselves.

As a result, I first committed to support the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals. And fast forward to today, I advise companies on sustainability/ ESG strategy and create impact ventures with JUST DAMN RIGHT. Besides that, I provide exclusive coaching to senior professionals and guide them on their personal journey to WHY and realizing positive impact in their lives.

Sometimes you need to feel the pain to activate the real passion and purpose that is predestined inside of you.


What People Say

Nadine is clearly ahead of her time and an inspiring leader.

Stefan GroschupfSerial Tech Entrepreneur & Board Member

In the past, consultancies were never really invested in my business challenges; they charged for talking only. Working with Nadine felt like having a true business partner by my side.

CEOHealth Service

Metaphorically speaking: Nadine is like a secret asset to any business.

Jascha SteinSerial Tech Entrepreneur & Advisory Member to WEF

Nadine's ability to uncover complex issues and translate them into a condensed, razor-sharp essence, which is easy to understand, is amazing.

CEO and Board MemberGerman FinTech Company

She is a definite asset. Her presence and leadership would always make any mediocre projects inevitable to excellency.

Pebbles LinLearning Design Director at NUNC

Her intricate sense and sharp foresight to identify business opportunities, potential products and brands make her stand on the frontline of all things digital and innovative.

CEOConsumer Goods Company

After only three months working with Nadine we have achieved the things that we have been trying to accomplish with several consultancies for the past eight years.

CEOEuropean IT-Service Provider

You really helped taking the next steps and being aligned with my values. Your attitude is so simple and clear. I owe you a lot!


Leadership & Career Sparring Partner 

Video consultation

If you need a trusted expert on eye-level who is neutral yet truly engaged, I’m happy to discuss your leadership or career challenges with you.

Having a track record in strategy, management and culture across different industries, I quickly see through challenges and offer advise or refine opportunities.

After you’ve requested my consultation and answered questions helping us to get the most out of our time together, you will receive a confirmation email with login details for our video room on Zoom, or for Apple FaceTime (video).

Duration: 60 min
Starting from: €2,200

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For information about corporate advisory on impact strategy and sustainability innovations by me and my team with JUST DAMN RIGHT, please visit our website.