Nadine Bruder

German-born and international citizen. Award-winning strategist, founder of the impact-led venture platform JUST DAMN RIGHT and founder of the independent, global She For Social Impact Awards. Furthermore, purpose-led leadership and strategy advisor to senior executives and founders worldwide and member of the Federal German Association for Artificial Intelligence. Nadine Bruder’s career began in 2008 when her first strategy work turned Steve Jobs into a fan of her client’s product, and when she turned MAN Trucks & Bus into the first company that publicly acted upon smart cities, energy-efficient transportation and autonomous driving as we know it today.  Effortlessly integrating foresight, market developments, new technologies, product, business, marketing and brand experience, she quickly caught the attention of senior business leaders from internationally operating organizations and has proven to be a catalytic force for growth and innovation. From e.g. strategically informing the development and design of advanced mobile payments solutions, to developing corporate innovation programs, creating and launching product and services as well as designing and executing market entry strategies for foreign companies, to personally advising senior executives and board members on digital transformation, new value creation and purpose-led leadership.    

She has since built deep knowledge and insights in the digital, technology, lifestyle, fintech and financial industries, working directly with investors, board members and senior executives at the likes of Kickstarter, Katjesgreenfood, Ford, Wirecard, Swisscom, Fujitsu, Vodafone, Henkel, B-Reel and Pharmos Natural Cosmetics. In 2015 she set up Germany’s first innovative IT-bootcamp education company in order to address the talent shortage. Since then Bruder dedicates time and skills fully to supporting the United Nation’s Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She fosters impact-led innovations and investments globally to address the world’s most pressing challenges.  Today, Nadine Bruder is an integrative force for business impact innovation, investment, sustainability, future of commerce and for creative culture, pushing boundaries between professions, industries and continents. In 2018 she has set up her impact-led venture platform JUST DAMN RIGHT. Two years after in 2020, she has launched the independent, global She For Social Impact Awards, which honor women from different walks of life and different countries for their impact-led work and innovative solutions that create a sustainable future already today. Bruder, who believes that «sustainability» is the greatest opportunity for society in modern history, most recently introduced her carefully designed impact strategy and leadership training to empower individuals and companies to confidently navigate the next economic shift: sustainability and societal impact.     

Talks & Panels

Nadine Bruder has spoken at panels and conferences in Europe, Asia and in Northern America. She talks about:

  • Future of commerce
  • Next Economic Shift: Sustainability & Societal Impact
  • Sustainable Finance & Impact-led Investing
  • Purpose = Success


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