If you have „Strategy“, „Innovation“, „CSR“, „Executive“ or „Founder“ in your title, you can’t miss this!

Nadine Bruder

We can’t deny – „Digital“ holds an uncertain future for companies, even for those ones that contributed to the rise of the digital era.

At the same time, statistics show that the factors „sustainability“ and „societal impact“ have the potential to keep companies in business and to harness technological innovations. Even the financial sector is shifting gears and asks businesses and shareholders to incorporate environmental, social and corporate governance. 

So the challenge for professionals and corporate leaders is not digital transformation alone anymore. It is also about innovating for sustainability and societal impact to be prepared for the next economic revolution happening during this new decade.

You may wonder, how can sustainability create competitive advantages for me? How to align profit, societal purpose and digital innovation? What kind of societal impact is the right one for my business? How to achieve valuable results and transformation fast? How to integrate sustainability into my business model and my accounting?

This I will show you in my carefully designed training „Advanced Business Impact Strategy“. 

These two days of impact strategy and leadership learning is the result of my +13 years of experience as awarded strategist, advisor to senior executives, entrepreneur and as an impact-led investor. 

I designed it in a very concentrated yet interactive and personal way – a learning experience that I personally wished I would have had for myself. 

You will have your thinking challenged, see things with fresh eyes, engage in hands-on formats and you will build a new network.

  • Become fully versed in  applying both, societal impact and sustainability strategies as well as advanced, digital technologies to your business model and activities

  • Receive necessary insights on current key developments in business innovation, sustainability and technology

  • Discover solutions to your business and innovation challenges, and benchmark with others
  • Develop a clear vision of how you want to innovate for societal impact resp. sustianability and why

  • Create an informed plan for your next steps to achieve your goals

  • Know how to leverage and learn the tools to apply the United Nation’s Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in your accounting

  • Learn how to accelerate sustainability-led innovation and impact efforts within the organization and with external stakeholders 
  • Exchange with your new peers on what’s working now and what’s coming next

  • Get your questions answered from impact leaders and industry experts

  • Connect with executives, managers and innovators from other organizations that enhance your personal network

It’s going to be a safe and inspiring space for honest discussions, to get the clarity and confidence to take your next steps.

What makes the training special?

  • The 2 days „Advanced Societal Impact & Business Strategy Training“ is designed to show you how to innovate for the new generation of impact and sustainability-led companies, whether business or personal.

  • Created by awarded strategist and impact-led angel investor, Nadine Bruder, the training is one of THE most comprehensive and advanced management trainings available. Whether you’re a senior executive, a young professional or a founder, this training will cover all tools and strategies you need to know and incorporate in order to successfully innovate for societal impact and sustainability.

  • From her specific insights into international societal impact ecosystems and her experiences steering innovations for corporates and startups, to her brand formula that turned Steve Jobs into a fan of her client’s product, there’s not a single element left uncovered in this 2 days „Advanced Societal Impact & Business Strategy Training“.

  • This holistic content has never before been shared and it’s designed in a way to walk you step by step through the process of innovating for sustainability and societal impact.

  • When it comes to experiences, Nadine knows how to make them stand out. From carefully curating experts and impact leaders from her networks in each city of the training and beyond worldwide, to curating inspiring locations and sustainably sourced food, this training fosters true personal connections and an immersive, lasting learning experience.   

What People Say

„Nadine is clearly ahead of her time and an inspiring leader.“
Stefan Groschupf
Founder and Board Member, Datameer, Founder and CEO of Automationhero

„Nadine taught me a truly new perspective on the value that I can create with my work.“
Senior Manager Sustainable Finance

„I now finally feel empowered to take CSR to a strategic level in my company.“
Senior CSR Manager

„What amazes me the most is Nadine’s ever humility and gentleness that always make the team feel comfortable, inspired and motivated.“
Pebbles Lin
Learning Design Director at NUNC

„I don’t know anyone else who connects the dots and silos in such a smart way like Nadine does.“
Olga Steidl
Ex-Managing Director EMEA, Skyroam

„In three months only we achieved with you the things we have been trying to achieve with several big consultancies over the past eight years.“
CEO of an IT Company

Meet The Women Behind

Nadine Bruder – I believe that «sustainability» is the greatest opportunity for society and for investments in modern history, and that particularly companies have the unique ability to create a desirable future for all of us.

I’m a German-born impact-led angel investor, award-winning strategist and founder of the international platform She For Social Impact and JUST DAMN RIGHT, an impact-led venture platform.  

Furthermore, I’m member of the Federal German Association for Artificial Intelligence, member of several impact/ sustainability investing associations and advisor to senior executives and founders worldwide. 

My career began in 2008 when my first strategy work turned Steve Jobs into a fan of my client’s product, and when I turned MAN Truck & Bus into the first company that publicly acted upon smart cities, energy-efficient transportation and autonomous driving as we know it today.

My capacities to effortlessly integrate market developments, new technologies, product, marketing, brand and user experience caught the attention of senior business leaders from internationally operating organizations across the world. And I feel humble to say that it has proven to be a catalytic force for significant growth and innovation.   

From e.g. strategically informing the development of advanced mobile payments solutions for international markets, to developing corporate innovation programs, creating and launching technology-led products/services and executing on market entry strategies for foreign companies, to personally coaching senior executives and board members on digital transformation, new value creation and leadership. 

I have since built deep knowledge and insights in the digital, technology, lifestyle, fintech and financial industries, working with investors, board members and senior executives at the likes of Kickstarter, Katjes, Ford, Wirecard, Henkel, Swisscom, Fujitsu, Vodafone, B-Reel and Pharmos Natural Cosmetics.

Since 2015 I fully dedicate my time and skills to support the United Nation’s global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by fostering impact-led innovations and investments to address gender diversity and the world’s most pressing challenges, after having set up Germany’s first innovative IT-bootcamp education company to address the talent shortage. 

Even though I have my own businesses, my love for empowering impact-led people in their jobs and for strategically guiding organizations will never stop.

That’s why I set up this special learning format in which I share everything I’ve learned and foresee coming in business, finance and society with people who seek change and a sustainable future.   

This „Advanced Business Impact Strategy“ Training Is Right For You, If …

  • You are prepared to put in the work to take your brand or organization to the next level of innovation – Impact and Sustainability – and you just need to have the right insights and a guide by your side.

  • You get the point of an impact-led business, but you can’t see how to align profit, sustainability and societal purpose in your business model.

  • You feel like the foundation of your business, your brand, and your existing innovation activities show low or no integrated guidance for the future.

  • You work in CSR, apply the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals and know that sustainability and societal impact holds the potential to be more than stories for the annual investors report, but you lack resources and tools to steer the dialogue within the organization.

  • You want to be able to position yourself or your company as forward thinking impact-led innovator, but you just don’t know where to start.  

Claim Your Spot Now!

Seats are limited to only 12 people to make sure you get the most out of the learning experience and of the connections made.

Package includes:

  • 2 days of impact strategy and innovation training
  • Course material and new tools
  • Meetings with experts and innovators
  • 2 individual phone calls (30 min.) with Nadine Bruder
  • Lifelong access to international connections made
  • Dinner on the 1st day
  • Beverages, lunch and snacks during the two days of training

April 23-24, 2020

Early Bird Price (until February 22):
3.141,60 Euro incl. 19% VAT

Regular Price: 3.927,- Euro incl. 19% VAT

June 18-19, 2020

Early Bird Price (until April 17):
3.451,- Euro incl. 19% VAT

Regular Price: 3.927,- Euro incl. 19% VAT

July 16-17, 2020

Early Bird Price (until May 13):
3.689,- Euro incl. 19% VAT

Regular Price: 4.165,- Euro incl. 19% VAT

July 23-24, 2020

Early Bird Price (until May 24):
3.689,- Euro incl. 19% VAT

Regular Price: 4.165,- Euro incl. 19% VAT

September 17-18, 2020

Early Bird Price (until July 18):
3.451,- Euro incl. 19% VAT

Regular Price: 3.927,- Euro incl. 19% VAT

You Want This Training For Your Company Or For Your Event?

If you are looking to offer this learning experience to a larger group of managers and talents of your company or at your event, then please schedule a call with me here in order to discuss how to accommodate best your company’s needs.  


  • Limited number of 12 spots available only in each location in order to provide attendees a high quality experience during the two days

  • Cancelation and reimbursement until 30 days before the event you chose

  • Dinner on the first day as well as food and beverages onsite the two days of learning are included in the ticket price

  • Travel and hotel costs are not included in the ticket price