Success stories and change require trust, courage, a shared vision and people leading by example

With 11+ years of professional experience, I can truly say that I’m a fully rounded digital business, product, data and brand strategist who guides with insight, foresight, inclusion and empathy. I have a proven track-record working with leading managers of international companies and innovative technology startups.

Based on my holistic approach to strategy and business development, I operate alongside you and your team to ensure that strategy improvements and business opportunities are executed in alignment with every key area of your business. As you know the saying: The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

18 – 36 months engagement in order to guide towards growth, to set up platforms or for digital transformation

Create new values that fuel your digital business

Build your own or enter new emerging business ecosystems in digital industries with a sound strategy and a flexible game plan. Based on your existing business, I provide you with insights, strategy, partnerships and customized guidance on how to create new revenue streams, growth mechanisms, data-informed management and future-leading platform businesses.

In order to execute the best possible solutions for your business, I apply my proven methods and processes and leverage my strong ties with digital innovators, engineers, scientists and analysts across the globe.

Harness new opportunities and relations to be able to thrive

I’m deeply immersed in digital industries and have a vast network of digital talents, experts and investors. The boldest company leaders who work with me will get access to a full business, product and marketing ecosystem growth team, exclusive partnerships with network effects and investment support.

Clients And Partners Say About Me

I don't know anyone else who combines product, design and marketing in such a smart way like Nadine does

Olga SteidlManaging Director EMEA, Skyroam

Nadine is clearly ahead of her time and an inspiring leader

Stefan GroschupfFounder and Board Member, Datameer

I haven‘t met anyone like Nadine who can conceptualize new products/services on a strategic level, integrate growth techniques into the concept and transfer it then into engaging experiences.

Joern LeograndeVP Mobile Services at Wirecard AG

Nadine really inspired and pushed me to explore other opportunities and generally got me to think about the future in a new way with her enthusiasm. I am extremely grateful and I hope that I can a way to properly thank her.

Fredrika BrillembourgOpera Singer And Artist

I couldn't find a way to express what I pursue with my company. But Nadine gave my brand a clear vision and purpose.

Karl WeinholdCEO, feno LED lighting solutions

My Industry Expertise

Lifestyle & Design

Data Business & AI

IoT & Platforms

FinTech & Payments

Social Commerce

My Network Of Innovation Collaborators

San Francisco – New York – Stockholm – London – Berlin – Zurich – Dubai – Tokyo – Shanghai

Frameworks & Tools I Use

Business Model Canvas

Future Scenario Planning

Design Thinking

System Design

Value Flow Map

Brand & User Personas

I’m Feeling Humble Yet Proud Of These Accomplishments In My Professional Life


My first job after graduating from university turned Steve Jobs into a fan of my former client’s brand


In 2016 I built a programming school up from scratch in six months


I’ve been fortunate to work with highly talented engineers on cutting-edge, innovative technologies that after some time became standard integrations of iOS and Android


I exceeded the expectations of Kickstarter’s management when I achieved a partnership with internationally acclaimed Berlinale Film Festival and its Talents Program which resulted in a total reach of over 1.1 billion people (offline and online) during the festival week alone


As an individual I won against an international agency in a product pitch and was offered the full budget for development and marketing from the executive in charge


My strategy work has been recognized with 11 renown design awards

I work with forward-thinking companies and startups in lifestyle, technology, data and science industries

  • Business growth and digital business strategy
  • Data business models
  • Data strategy and business intelligence
  • Product and platform strategy
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Strategic partnerships and joint ventures

What I Believe Is Crucial For Businesses In Digital Economies


Your competitor today can be your partner tomorrow


Collaboration and commitment to quality and value creation wins in the end


Entrepreneurial-minded teams across the company are the daily fuel


Data-enhanced business intelligence must be by default


Flexible, modular designed IT stacks are critical in ever-increasing networked businesses


Social purpose and meaning retain digital talent

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